Bisley sponsors 4L Trophy Desert Adventure

Bisley France recently got involved with a thrilling and unique charity event by sponsoring this year’s 4L Trophy Desert Adventure.

The 4L Trophy Desert Adventure is an annual humanitarian event that involves delivering school equipment to children in the poorest parts of Morocco. It is hosted by Enfants du Desert association, a charity that encourages and enables education for children who may have difficulty accessing it otherwise. 

The rally brings together students between the ages of 18 and 28 to deliver school supplies to these children. The most exciting part is that this equipment is all delivered in Renault 4 cars, which the students get to drive across the Moroccan desert. Since its humble beginnings in 1997, the rally now has 2,900 participants in 1,450 cars, making it the largest student charity rally in Europe. This year’s event took place in February and those involved departed from Paris and Bordeaux in the direction of Algeciras, Spain to sail with their cars across to Morocco.

Our team in France sponsored one of the crews of students. All participants got the chance to drive through France, Spain and Morocco and interact with the children they were helping. 

All of us at Bisley are proud of to be associated with such a worthwhile event, as it has brought joy to both the children and students alike and is likely to be an experience that is not soon forgotten.