Bisley speak to ITV News about adapting during the pandemic

On Thursday 11th March we featured on ITV News at 6 talking about how we have adapted our business strategy and manufacturing processes throughout the pandemic, and what the future of the office might look like.

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, office workers around the UK were sent to work from home. Though some had the space and equipment to do so, many did not. We saw a rapid rise in home office furniture sales which inspired us to create our new collection, Belong.

Speaking to Carole Green at ITV News, CEO at Bisley, Richard Costin, said “We went from selling Bisley product to home office product at roughly £4-5k a month, and now 12 months later we are selling £80,000 a month of home office type of furniture, so that marketplace for us has completely changed.

People are not going into the office in their masses or droves. The new office is going to be very different. I think people will be working from home for maybe two days a week and other people will be going into the office, and there will be a rotating system.”

Suitable for both the office and home environments, Belong comprises of stylish desk and stowage solutions available in a range of on trend colours and finishes. When developing Belong we wanted to create a collection that would fit into the home environment, without comprising on style. With the future of the office unknown and talks of hybrid working becoming the new norm, Belong provides the perfect solution.

See our full interview with ITV News at 6 below: