An inside look: The Sociology Lecturer

According to a study in 2016 by the TUC (Trade Union's Congress), a national trade union centre in the UK that represents the vast majority of organised workers, revealed that a staggering quarter of a million (241,000) more people work from home than a decade ago. So we decided to go undercover and take a snoop around some home offices to find out more.

This week we caught up with Dr. Katy Sian from Leeds. Katy is 32 years old and is a Sociology Lecturer for York University.

Where is your workplace?
I frequently work from home so having a home office is vital.

How do you feel about more people working from home?
I find working from home more productive particularly for writing. I have to go to the office but it's great to know my workplace will let me work from home when I need to. All workplaces should allow this, you get so much more done!

Which room is your home office in?
I recently got married so when we were looking for a house I specifically wanted one with a separate study area. I was thrilled when we found the perfect house with a cute study upstairs. I need a quiet uninterrupted space to write in so it's great that I can shut the door and keep my husband out!

What does your home office look like?
I'd say the overall look design, look and feel is stylish. It has a sense of grandeur with the large desk, chair and bookcase all made from recycled and reclaimed wood. It has an old world, rustic feel.

What's in your home office?
I have 2 laptops, an iPad, a printer, a large desk, a lovely swivel chair, and most importantly a large bookshelf.

Was it easy to organise the space?
Yes it was easy to organise the space. It is a good space with plenty of natural light. I incorporated lots of special and quirky features, including pictures on the walls, and various crafts and ornaments I've collected or been given as gifts over the years. I have a beautiful rug and lamp from Turkey, an indigenous mask from Canada and lots of bits and pieces that have sentimental value.

How tidy is your home office?
I keep my office tidy but when I'm working my desk can at times be covered with my books! All my electrical equipment is organised on the desk for ease. I hate having wires everywhere so I make sure my wires are never tangled and tucked away out of sight.

Do you share your home office?
It's STRICTLY my space only. No husbands allowed!

How do you plan your day?
Work always comes first but I love to bake so when I have any spare moments I will make some biscuits. If I have more time to spare I'll get creative and make cakes.

Please complete the sentence...'I love my home office because....?'
It is my escape into a world of knowledge, creativity and an abundance of inspirational ideas