An inside look: The Sharers

According to a study in 2016 by the TUC (Trade Union's Congress), a national trade union centre in the UK that represents the vast majority of organized workers, revealed that a staggering quarter of a million (241,000) more people work from home than a decade ago. So we decided to go undercover and take a snoop around some home offices to find out more.

This week we caught up with 55 year old Ruth Hayward and 65 year old Dr. Trevor Lunn who share an office space. Jane works with a charity and Dr. Trevor is a consultant who advises other doctors on best working practices based on his experience as a surgeon.

Where is your workplace?
Ruth Hayward - I work for a charity but I only have to be in the office a couple of days a week, the rest of the time I work from Trevor's home office. We live in the same block of flats so I don't have to go far.

Dr. Trevor Lunn - I live in the ground flat, just below where Ruth lives. We share my home office to help break up the monotony of working in silo.

2) How do you feel about more people working from home?
RH - I think it's a great idea. It means that you have a lot of flexibility which in turn makes people more dedicated to their jobs as you're not dictated to always being in the office.

TL - Back in the day, it was totally unheard of but it's great to see the shift in working practices. I know a lot of people who divide their time from office and home and it's certainly made a difference in their attitude to work in that their much happier.

3) Which room is your home office in?
TL - I have converted one of my spare bedrooms into an office which is great because all my work things are contained in one room rather than scattered all over the place.

4) What does your home office look like?
TL - It's quite minimal and very tidy but has some special touches like a fireplace which has a lot of nick-nacks on from my travels.

RH - Yes, Trevor has set up his office up very well. It's a nice working environment and cosy. I must say, the sofa is very comfortable.

5) What's in your home office?
TL - I have a desk for my computer and a sofa where Ruth sits with her laptop. The desk is right by the window so it's nice when the sun comes through. I have a printer.

RH - We don't really need much really as long as we can send emails from our computers that's the main thing.

6) Was it easy to organise the space?
TL - Oh yes I don't like anything too fussy or over complicated. Everything has it place. The only thing I really need to organise is myself!

RH - That's why I like working with Trevor, he keeps the workplace very tidy so it makes working easier.

7) How tidy is your home office?
TL - Oh very tidy indeed. I don't like a messy workplace or house for that matter.

RH - Yes, on occasion if I leave something in the office, Trevor immediately tidies it away.

8) Do you like sharing your home office?
RH- Yes very much so. It doesn't get lonely and Trevor is a great tea maker.

TL - Oh yes. Working from home is quite a new thing for us so it's nice to be able to share the experience.

9) How do you plan your day?
RH - It's tightly planned as I have certain things to get done so there's no room for faffing or procrastinating.

10) Complete the sentence...'I love my home office because....?'
RH- I love Trevor's home office because it's a perfect space for working in and he's made it very comfortable. I can get straight down to work without having to face a long haul commute.

TL - I love my home office because I am the boss and only my rules apply. Although, I think Ruth makes most of the rules especially when it comes to tea/coffee breaks. They have to be made on time.