AN INSIDE LOOK: The Part-time Fitness Instructor

Whether it's for business or pleasure, in today's modern living environment there is a growing need to fit in a lot more into the working day which in turn means carrying around more of our personal belongings.

We went undercover to find out how 'on-the-go' professionals transport their increasing number of valuables while keeping them safe. This week we caught up with 37 year old Moi Costello a PA and fitness instructor.

Tell us about your job?
I'm a PA to a finance director which is good but my main passion is being a fitness instructor. So in the morning's before work or in my lunch hour I teach the classes before going to do my day job.

How has your job changed over the years?
It's a lot more hectic because I'm literally squeezing in two jobs into one day. I used to just work as a PA but after I found a love of fitness a couple of years ago I've been lucky to do both things. Luckily the gym is next to my office so I don't have far to go.

How much luggage and valuables do you carry?
Oh gosh, a lot of things. I have all my work stuff including laptop, 2 phones as well as my everyday clothes, handbag, accessories and my gym kit.

Where do you currently store everything?
So at the gym we have lockers but I also hire a locker so I can keep a few essentials in there like my hair straighteners, tongs and several pairs of shoes and trainers. Saves me carrying them around as well. We don't have lockers at work so I really rely on the ones at the gym.

How important are lockers in your day-to-day?
I definitely rely on them. As a fitness instructor you might have a few different types of kit too so in the morning I might be teaching a spin class and in the afternoon I might be doing circuit training need a few different bits. My locker is like an extension of my wardrobe.

What do you keep in your locker?
I have to look super, super smart for work so fully co-ordinated outfits with shoes and handbag. My whole make up kit, hair brush, a whole host of toiletries and hair products. Then there's my gym kit and trainers. Sometimes if I'm out on an evening at an event I need an extra outfit. Oh and my laptop, phone and jewellery. It's a lot isn't it, when you say it out loud? I'm not even sure how I manage it. If I go to the gym in the evening then I need to keep my laptop and 2 phones in there too. Luckily lockers at my gym are super safe, I guess they have to really with so many people going in and out with their valuables all day.

What would make your life easier in terms of personal storage?
It would be good to have extra locker space at work just so I can separate work and gym life. At the minute I just stuff everything I have in the lockers at the gym and often struggle to find things when I need them.