AN INSIDE LOOK: The Operations Director

Whether it's for business or pleasure, in today's modern living environment there is a growing need to fit in a lot more into the working day which in turn means carrying around more of our personal belongings.

We went undercover to find out how 'on-the-go' professionals transport their increasing number of valuables while keeping them safe. This week we caught up with 45 year old Operations Director, Mark Coleman.

Tell us about your job?
I am an Operations Director for Language schools which means I have to travel round the world to ensure that all the operational standards of these schools are met and adhered to.

How has your job changed over the years?
Firstly, there are thousands more language schools that have been built from when I first started the job nearly 25 years ago. As a result, I now spend more time in the air travelling to different destinations than I do on the ground.

How much luggage and valuables do you carry?
I practically carry around my whole life around with me. From personal stuff like clothes, toiletries, phone, IPad to work things like my laptop, documents and lots and lots of heavy reading material.

Where do you currently store everything?
All I can say is thank god for lockers at airports. You obviously need your everyday things but it's just impossible to carry everything so I edit what I need at the airport and keep the rest in lockers. Thinking about it, I must have a locker in every port - ha!

How important are lockers in your day-to-day?
They're so important, literally couldn't live without them. Safety is also an issue especially if I need to keep some company documents in there. Everything is safely padlocked for peace of mind. Although it is annoying if I lose the padlock which has happened on rare occasions, but like I said when you have to carry everything but the kitchen sink with you, losing padlocks is inevitable. I'm surprised I haven't lost more - touch wood I don't though.

What do you keep in your locker?
Laptop, documents, IPad, clothes, toiletries, souvenirs from trips which I've forgotten to give to friends, shoes, a lot of pairs of shoes - actually you name it - I bet I've got it in there. Once I bought a very expensive watch and for ages thought I had lost it. But, a few months later after giving my locker a much needed clear out, I found it.

What would make your life easier in terms of personal storage?
For me, I need a whole range of lockers at every airport that are just mine! I'd like them all in different colours too so I can dedicate one colour to certain things so I'm not rummaging around, taking things out and then putting things back again. If it's all my tech stuff I can put them in a black one, clothes in a silver one etc etc. For travelling businessmen like myself the locker areas at airports is like being in an exclusive club, we can always spot each other.