A new addition to our Belong Collection

Introducing Hideaway Swing Desk - the newest addition to our Belong collection.

Designed and manufactured in our South Wales factory, Hideaway Swing Desk enables you to easily transform your space from a sleek and stylish sideboard into a working, functional desk in one subtle move, without changing location.

Coated with Perfect Sense Material, the matt, velvety surface has anti-fingerprint features and excellent resistance to abrasion, impact and micro-scratches. With a contrasting wooden laminate desktop, finished in either oak, maple, walnut, or shorewood, Hideaway Swing sits elegantly with some of our other coordinating ranges.

Providing flexible and clever storage with a hidden push-to open drawer with soft, fabric lining, Hideaway Swing is designed to protect personal items. It also has a built in USB and pin plug and cable management, meaning technology is always on hand but hidden - perfect for a minimalist finish.

The Swing Desk is an addition to the Hideaway range and joins the Wall Desk, which is designed to suit areas where space is at a premium. A clever and thoughtful solution, the first Hideaway design is a wall-mounted desk that enables the user to fold it down when working and fold it up to tuck away their equipment when logging off for the day.

Richard Costin, Bisley CEO, commented; “As a result of the pandemic, we have entered a new era where our industry has to adapt to a different way of working. I remember asking our design team in early 2020 to think, if they had free rein over new products within our steel and wood factories, what they would be.

“They came back with a whole range of wonderful ideas, and the result of that is our Belong collection.”

Costin added; “It’s times like this that we have the opportunity to thrive and push the boundaries of innovation. I truly believe that, with their fantastic talents and skills, our team has created something beautiful yet cleverly designed and fit for the new era of flexible working.”

Chris Fowler, Director of Design at Bisley, commented; “We’re very proud of this latest addition to our Hideaway range. The Swing Desk is a dual-functional piece of furniture – not only is it a spacious desk with everything to hand for working from home, it’s also a quick-to-close-away sideboard with no clutter on show when work is finished.

“It’s a high-quality product that feels premium – with soft to the touch surfaces to elevate the overall user experience.”

Fowler added: “The entire desk is also made in our factory, which helps keep the manufacturing carbon footprint to a minimum.”

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