A Bisley Breakfast: The rise of activity based working - shaping the modern workspace

Activity Based Working gives people a choice about how, when and where they work. Environments should be designed to support people’s productivity and efficiency, while also allowing ease of collaboration.

With the cost of a desk per person in London now reaching between £12,000 and £14,000 a year, reducing the number of fixed workstations can have a real impact on a company’s bottom line, while also allowing employees more flexibility and a better work / life balance.

In this interactive and discussion-based Breakfast session, founders & directors of Jones & Partners, Craig Jones and Phidias Leonida look at the changing office environment:
•What do we need from our working environment?
•What do we take to work and where do we put it?
•How do different environments help or hinder productivity?
•How do you go about creating a work environment that accommodates activity based working?
•What factors do you need to consider when designing?

About Jones & Partners: For 17 years, Jones and Partners have been working as a product design company in London. The company was formed and based from its current studio in Clapham, South West London. During this time, they have designed and manufactured over 100 commercially successful projects for a list of over 30 product development clients globally. Led by Craig Jones and Phidias Leonida, Jones & Partners’ team of designers bring subject matter expertise to the studios’ rich blend of creativity and manufacturing rigour.

Craig Jones - Director: Craig is the founder of Jones & Partners with over 20 years of industrial design experience working with manufacturers globally. Craig set up Jones & Partners in 2000 and continues to develop the businesses opportunities and market placements. Whilst the team has grown, Craig still keeps his hands-on approach within the development process.

Phidias Leonida - Director: Educator, polymath & tinkerer, Phidias has more than 20 years’ experience as an industrial designer. Degrees in both Economics and Design along with a hard earned teaching qualification make for a broad knowledge base. With over 180 clients engaged at various levels including Herman Miller, Haworth, UBS, Deutsche Bank, BOSS Design, Task Systems, British Telecom and the Bank of England. Phidias brings a spirit of enquiry and attention to detail to the studio, a wealth of manufacturing experience and a willingness to try the unexpected.

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REGISTRATION: 9am Wednesday 22nd May
EVENT: 9.30 – 11am with networking & breakfast included.

Bisley Showroom
32 Dallington Street

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