What’s in your locker? The builder

This summer we’ve been meeting up with some regular locker users to find out just what they keep in there and how their locker plays an essential part in their day to day lives.

First up is Gary the Builder.

Gary has been a builder since he was 18 and is currently working on a construction site in St Paul's, London.

How important is the role of the locker?
Very...for security and extra storage. I can't have any personal stuff on site so everything is kept in there.

What do you keep in your locker?
Spare clothes and toiletries. When you're on site things can go wrong, pipes can burst, you can get covered in thick construction dust so I need something to change into. My tools, can't lose them, they're my livelihood, you know what I mean? My work phone is in there overnight. I don't take that home so I just keep it in my locker, shouldn't really say that should I? And, then the usual stuff, you know like keys and wallet.

How many lockers are there usually on site?
Varies and depends on the job. Can be as little as 20 or a lot more when you're on a large construction site. On big jobs, like this one we all scramble to get a locker first. I don't like sharing mine but sometimes you have to. Once someone ate my lunch, I was starving all day which ain't no fun when you're doing manual labour all day. It's just one of those things.