First impressions count. A welcoming and calming space connects people and imbues a sense of calm - setting the tone for your brand and ethos.

Bisley products are perfectly placed for a welcome area; contemporary and tailormade to you, they enhance your space, showcasing your business from the outset.

Products for Welcome spaces


LockerWall by Bisley is the fully integrated, optimum storage system that delivers dependable security, without dominating your space or sacrificing your style.

We can help you reinvent how your office looks, works and flows. Fully customisable, LockerWall can disappear into an existing alcove, run along walls or act as a zone divider and perch point – it can become an extension of your brand, or stand out as you wish, with the breadth of finishes and modules to choose from including lockers, storage cupboards and shelving.

Find out more about LockerWall, view the brochure or download CADs.

Other solutions suitable for Welcome spaces


Be is a creative, dual aspect, integrated furniture solution that’s designed to be different. Using unique colour combinations and mixing wood and steel surfaces, Be caters for open and closed storage, space to display and accessories that perform.

Available in a pre-defined range of the most popular options or tailor made to your brand, Be creates beautiful welcome settings.

Find out more about Be or download CADs.


Developed to provide a haven away from the hubbub of a busy workplace, Quarters creates a secluded space for individual focused work, a private place to take a call, or a cosy, comfortable meeting space for creative collaboration.

Uniquely designed with secure personal storage embedded for easy access, Quarters ensures that all your belongings are tucked safely away within the booths while you work.

Find out more about Quarters, view the brochure or download CADs.


Kubbi gives you the room to tailor your Welcome area with a variety of wooden cube combinations that fuse open display compartments with lockable spaces, perfect for visitors.

Keeping storage at the heart, Kubbi connects your Welcome and workspace as a stylish, dual facing room divider, without building walls.

Plus, with a variety of configurations available to mix and match, you have the flexibility to create larger formations by connecting several units together.

Find out more about Kubbi or download CADs.


Bridge by Bisley is the modern credenza that brings together storage, stowage and room division in one seamless system.

Bridge’s versatility connects the workplace and you; from providing an impromptu place to perch, a stylish meeting room addition, subtle space division, or a relaxing place to recharge. Its breadth of steel colours, wood textures and vibrant fabrics means that the fun is in creating exactly what you imagined for your brand.

Find out more about Bridge or download CADs.


BOB® by Bisley is the beautifully hand-crafted magnetic, modular storage and display system that lets you click, twist and rethink your space.

Combining high-quality plywood with a flawlessly clean design, BOB has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Each unit is hand-finished to match our exacting standards – and yours too.

Used as a room divider or against a wall; with no self-assembly required, BOB can be used easily and effortlessly – everywhere.

Find out more about BOB or download CADs.

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