Carving out time to recharge and rejuvenate throughout the working day is an important way to stay productive. One way to encourage your colleagues to take breaks – as well as reiterating the importance of taking a moment to pause and look after their wellbeing – is to make sure you’ve got a set up that allows them to relax. With Bisley’s solutions, you have calm and comfortable private spaces to recharge and take five.

Products for Take Five spaces


Be’s flexible units adapt to your needs - our frame toppers create subtle space division for different activities, while the addition of soft seating provides a comfy space to take five.

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You’ve a retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle with Quarters. The single booths provide a cosy space to make a phonecall or to unwind. And with embedded storage that can be used for personal items, or even for a coffee station, you can be reassured that your belongings are safe nearby.

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BOB’s flexible, magnetic cube system can be used to sit, store or display items, bringing a homely feel to the workplace for a relaxing breaktime.

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The rise in personal stowage requirements is at the forefront of a modern, productive workplace. LockerWall helps free up space and give everyone a sense of belonging.

Fully customisable, LockerWall can disappear into an alcove, run along walls or act as a zone divider and perch point – ideal for ‘take five’ areas within an office. Safely store personal belongings and charge your tech during your break, with the breadth of smart locking options and integrated USB charging points within each locker.

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