Some workplace conversations are better to have face to face, and can vary in nature - from private conversations about well-being, to strategy planning, to Board meetings. By consciously creating a variety of private spaces for confidential conversations, you can be reassured that you’re setting them up to succeed from the off.

Bisley’s innovative workspace solutions support a variety of group sessions: for larger, more formal meetings or private one to one sessions.

Products for Meeting spaces


Vetrospace’s healthy working environments mean that you can hold meetings in a hygienic, professional space that’s entirely soundproof. Silent tunnel technology and double filtration systems allow pure air to flow silently and efficiently - leaving no room for bacteria, poor air quality or noise distraction, so your meetings stay private and productive.

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Bridge is incredibly versatile. The choice of storage, display and seating options enables you to create the perfect addition to meeting areas. From technology storage hidden away in the more traditional meeting room credenzas, to lower height settings with seat pads, providing a place to perch between meetings, whether to clear your inbox or make a quick call.

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Our Quarters meeting booths are the ideal spaces to hold meetings: providing relaxed privacy for creative collaboration of up to 6 people. Quarters’ acoustic panels act as a buffer to a noisy office space, ensuring that innovation remains a priority, while still being connected with the rest of the office space.

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