A quiet space to focus on your work has never been more important. Our solutions provide a haven away from the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace; a secluded space where you can concentrate and contemplate.

Being able to focus allows for better productivity, creativity and a higher quality of work. Whether you need pods, booths or both, Bisley brings you a sense of peace and belonging to any office environment - products crafted for quiet.

Products for Focus spaces


Vetrospace pods - the safest soundproof pods in the world. Using patented antibacterial and antiviral technology with the best in class acoustics, these pods are designed to create peaceful and healthy working environments, maximising productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Find out more about Vetrospace pods.

Be Frame Toppers

An extension of our flagship workspace system, Be, Frame Toppers are beautiful display shelving that creates subtle space division without blocking natural light due to the open cube design. Create a focus space with tall Frame Toppers and fill each compartment with calming décor, reading materials and biophilia to maximise wellbeing.

Find out more about Be Frame Toppers or download CADs.


A place of seclusion in a busy modern office, single Quarters booths provide a calm and quiet space for focus. The acoustic panels help zone out external noise so you can concentrate in peace, and cocoon yourself away while still touching base with your surroundings.

Find out more about Quarters, view the brochure or download CADs.


A clever twist on the standard pedestal, Bite wraps neatly around your desk or bench providing close to hand storage. Available as a left or right-handed unit with a flip-up lid to denote ‘do not disturb’, Bite is great for spaced dedicated to focussed work.

Find out more about Bite or download CADs.

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