Wellbeing is a dominant theme in any discussion about the workplace.

We recently worked with other workplace services providers to commission some syndicated research to try and find out what’s most important to employees. The research, conducted by Sapio Research, found that in order to achieve true wellness, attention to every component that can impact mental and physical health needs to considered, from building structures and company cultures through to furniture and fittings.

45% feel their workplace does not enable them to be as productive as possible.

One of the strongest and consistent themes in the research was the link between personal space and wellness at work.

Desire for personal space is high.

Having somewhere to keep personal items gives employees peace of mind and a space that they can control and own. Read more.


Learn more about the survey and find out what employees would change about their workplace storage.


Four ways in which storage can help address the issue of personal space in the workplace.

13% profitability uplift for workplaces that provide employees with their own personal stowage space.


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