Cree un entorno que enriquezca las vidas de todos los que trabajan allí.

Bisley da respuesta a todos los desafíos actuales mediante soluciones prácticas que crean una diferencia positiva y productiva a la forma en la que se trabaja. Todos somos distintos, y ese es precisamente el motivo por el que nuestros muebles y diseños son tan individuales como las personas y empresas que los utilizan.


Increíblemente ágil, Be se adapta a los requisitos de cada entorno, desde la sala de juntas a los espacios de ocio y descanso. Be evoluciona al mismo ritmo que su empresa.


BOB® by Bisley is the beautifully hand-crafted magnetic, modular storage and display system that lets you click, twist and rethink your space.


Bridge by Bisley is the modern credenza that brings together storage, stowage and room division in one seamless system. Inspired by the traditional meeting room credenza, but re-imagined for the contemporary office and work styles, Bridge connects flexible spaces together.


The new personal storage solution to accompany height adjustable desking, the perfect desk-attached companion to your working day.


A flexible family of sheltered working spaces – lockers and booths crafted for quiet, Quarters brings a sense of peace and belonging to an office environment.


LockerWall by Bisley is the fully integrated, optimum storage system that delivers dependable security, without dominating your space or sacrificing your style.


Vetrospaces leave no room for bacteria, poor air quality or noise distraction, leaving you free to maximise your productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.


Tailored to suit you with a variety of combinations, fusing open display compartments with lockable spaces, Kubbi gives you the room to build and tailor your workspace.

Primary Lockers

Robust, versatile and hard-wearing, Primary Lockers have been crafted for a variety of workplace requirements.


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