Every business has different needs – which means it will need different zones and areas for specific activities. From welcome spaces to focus areas; collaboration hubs to private meeting corners, making sure that space is designed with an activity in mind means your workplace will be more effective, productive, and enable your people to thrive.

We have created a virtual office tour, showcasing how Bisley solutions can support all of the different workplace activities and requirements of the new office and home working space. Welcome to Everything Work.

Find out more about each activity zone and view the Bisley products showcased in each space.


First impressions count. A welcoming and calming space connects people and imbues a sense of calm - setting the tone for your brand and ethos.

Personal Storage

Storage for you, and only you. Personal storage is vital for creating a positive and uplifting workplace. Bisley’s solutions help free up room, promote productivity and give everyone a sense of belonging.


Office environments are being used more and more as lively, vibrant hubs - for face-to-face meetings and creative collaboration.


With Bisley’s solutions, you can be reassured that your workspace supports group sessions: for larger, more formal meetings or private one to one sessions.

Take Five

Throughout the day, it’s important to make sure you and your colleagues take a moment to recharge, relax and refresh.


While much of the office is perfect for more structured working, it is also important to have a space for spontaneous meetings that foster collaboration, perch points for quick chats in-between meetings and a place to check your inbox.


Help bring a sense of peace and belonging to your office with products that offer acoustic sound dampening capabilities and subtle zoning to denote spaces of individual focussed work and privacy.


As we all adopt more flexible working patterns and adapt our working environments, our Home Collection, Belong, creates a sanctuary wherever you are, so you can focus and stay on top of your workload in comfort.

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