Be is a dual aspect, integrated furniture and storage solution, which connects people and the workspace, creating environments that inspire performance.

Perfectly suited to form subtle space division in open plan environments, it supports multiple possibilities in the workplace.

The office landscape is changing

Working space needs to adapt to a more agile way of working. Inspired by the need for a versatile, open working environment, Be offers perfect combinations for a mix of interchangeable work spaces. Adaptable zones foster collaboration and provide areas to meet, individual space to focus, with social areas to interact, relax and recharge.

Tailor made

Be is designed to be different; using unique colour combinations, mixing wood and steel surfaces, with environments which cater for open and closed storage, and the power to display and perform.

Available in a pre-defined range of the most popular options or tailor made to make for an individual workspace.

Understanding Storage

Designed to combine a better work environment with creative storage and display solutions, Be adapts to the needs of the modern workforce. One of the best ways to inspire a sense of belonging in the workplace is through the creative use of storage.

Be naturally blends desirable work space aesthetics with practical storage and stowage solutions, giving all employees - whether permanent, mobile or nomadic - a sense of control, peace of mind and belonging while at work.

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