At Bisley, we know what a difference great storage can make – which is why it’s at the heart of what we do.

Often overlooked, storage sets the tone for an entire working environment. We create intelligent storage solutions that promote a calm, organised and productive workspace. That’s great for the people who work there – and for an organisation’s bottom line.

Storage in the digital age

The nature of office storage has changed beyond recognition, driven by a shift in what needs to be stored, and the evolution of more fluid and mobile working practices. So while there’s less paper filing, there’s a growing need for personal storage, often for higher value items such as laptops, iPads and cycling helmets.

Get storage working harder

Storage does more than just stow things away. It can act as a visual and traffic barrier in an open-plan office, provide privacy, double up as a perch point or a place to charge mobile devices. It’s time to stop thinking about storage as a static piece of furniture, and start embracing it as the pivotal and dynamic element of the office landscape.

Push the boundaries

While needs and fashions may have changed, how we approach things hasn’t. As storage specialists, we understand the market and engineer products that meet the changing needs of today’s workforce, and deliver great value for every customer.


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