Blue Mountain Capital Management

Steel at the cutting-edge

When leading international trading desk manufacturer Technology Desking required a specially-designed mobile pedestal to suit their New York City financial client Blue Mountain Capital Management, they knew their best solution would be a company with a superb in-house design team and cutting-edge steel furniture manufacturing ability. They called Bisley.

Blue Mountain, with offices in New York City, London and Tokyo, required a special depth and functionality to compliment their custom trading stations. Their requirements included mobility, a special depth, a custom color, a rear removable shelf doubling as a tray, and a seat cushion to expand each workstation into an impromptu meeting space. In conjunction with the design practice Phillips Group, Bisley's internal team of design professionals coupled with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility created the perfect solution; marrying functionality, aesthetic and top build quality.

New York City
Mobility, custom design elements, build quality
Seating , Desk Related Storage
Finance and Insurance