Essex & Suffolk Water

Seamless Flow

Essex & Suffolk Water’s new operations centre brings together staff formerly working at various sites across Chelmsford, Essex.

Designed by Faulkner Brown Architects, the 43,000 sq ft building provides a highly flexible workspace with an emphasis on sustainability - the building is rated “excellent” by BREEAM.

Bisley storage was chosen because of its ability to deliver a unified aesthetic, with units integrating seamlessly with the other workplace furniture. Specification included 211 Bisley LateralFile units plus 281 pedestals. In addition, there are 213 “top boxes” which sit on top of Knoll worksurfaces. These storage boxes feature a lockable, flipper-style opening, while also providing a measure of privacy and separation for employees.

Other bespoke aspects of this project included runs of built-in cabinets that needed to be manufactured - including internal fittings - to a special 23.6" width. Groups of cabinets - in a variety of drawer and cupboard configurations - are used to subdivide the open plan environment.

Units to integrate seamlessly with other workplace furniture to create a unified aesthetic
Drawer Storage , Two Door Cupboards , Desk Related Storage
Essex and Suffolk Water