The Met Office

On time, on budget

The new £80 million Met Office headquarters in Exeter, delivered on time and on budget, is one of the most successful Public Private Partnerships. The three-story site includes two supercomputers, a training college, sports and recreation area and conference facilities as well as 140,000 ft2 of office space.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of Bisley SystemFile, the Met Office selected both double doors and tambours depending on aisle space and five and six-drawer units to vary the degree of privacy. Based on `working scenarios`, the Met Office staff opted for more storage rather than extra desk space and using cabinets to act as space dividers instead of screens.

Bisley was also vital to successful project completion, accommodating the complex, five-month delivery schedule, as well as being able to respond quickly to changing needs and increased demand.

The official opening of the new building marked the Met Office`s 150th anniversary creating a facility for successful development well into the 21st Century.

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