Hertfordshire Community Health Services

A Healthy Workplace

An open-plan working environment for Hertfordshire Community Health Services uses more than 200 Bisley storage units to support flexible working practices. Located in Welwyn Garden City, the Howard Court solution was specified, delivered and installed by Hog Furnishing across two floors.

As an NHS community health service, their non-clinical staff spend a great deal of their time out and about around the whole of Hertfordshire and as such, efficiencies were gained by resource sharing desking, meeting rooms and the café areas on each floor.

The desk spaces and meeting rooms are either bookable by the staff on-line or by phone, keeping administration of the building to a minimum, again to minimise cost.

Personal storage space for each member of staff is provided by lockable Bisley SystemFile drawer units arranged in “islands” away from the main work areas.

A mix of three and four-high units helps to maintain sight lines across the open workspace while still providing high-density storage. It also means that there are no pedestal units to be found anywhere within the office, which is conventional practice in normal offices.

As well as the personal storage drawers, Bisley also supplied the lockable tambour units for general filing plus a number of cupboards for cloakroom storage.

All storage is finished in white to maintain a clean appearance, while the drawer and tambour units feature sloping tops to prevent clutter, finished in green and purple to match accent colors used within the workspace.

Welwyn Garden City
Efficient resource sharing, high density storage.
Side Opening Tambours , Personal Storage
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