Our Company
Bisley realise that all manufacturing has some effect on the environment. It is our policy to make ourselves aware of this and to conduct our business in ways designed to reduce adverse effects and maximise favourable ones.

We are signatories to the environment policy statement issued by OFMA (Office Furniture and Filing Manufactures Association) and endorse the policies therein.

We have also attained Fira Club Green and Club 18001 membership.

Bisley is a full member of The Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP), which was attained on 4th June 2008. The FISP programme was developed by an industry-wide working group chaired by FIRA and is supported by all of the furniture industry’s main trade associations and The Government’s Envirowise programme. FISP is also recognised by both the DTI and DEFRA .

The main objectives of FISP and organisations who are certificated as FISP members are aimed at the promotion of social progress which recognises the needs of everyone. Effective protection of the Environment. Prudent use of natural resources. Maintenance of high stable levels of economic growth and employment.

You can download our FISP certificate from the Documents section on this page.

Our Factory
Our manufacturing facility located at Newport in South Wales, is constructed from materials that conserve energy and reduce sound emissions. The factory is heated by a gas radiant system, which is computer controlled for optimum response. Air curtains, located at all large external openings that are activated automatically by doors opening, assist its effectiveness.

Our Production
Our capital investment in plant and machinery has had a major impact on the efficient production of our products; state of the art machinery has reduced waste, improved quality and increased safety. All steel off-cuts and other scrap metal is recycled and manufacturing waste by-products disposed of by licensed contractors. We have consistently received safety awards from the British Safety Council.