About Bisley

As the UK's largest manufacturer of steel storage for the office and home, Bisley has leveraged its market leadership and manufacturing expertise to steadily expand internationally.

With major subsidiaries in North America, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Holland, and Dubai, and a vast global network of dealers, we are proud to state that export sales now account for over 50% of our revenues.

Started in 1940 in the village of Bisley in Surrey, England, by sheet metal worker Freddy Brown, the company has a showroom in Great Portland Street, Central London and a state-of-the-art factory in Newport, Wales, where all our products are manufactured and then dispatched across the globe.

Architects, designers, dealers and end-users continue to specify Bisley products, reassured by its unrivalled technical capabilities and trail-blazing spirit. Bisley is often copied, but always first, thanks to superior craftsmanship and the expertise of its in-house design team.


Bisley has invested more than $97 million (US) in the most advanced metalworking  machinery and state-of-the-art painting equipment since the Newport factory opened in 1989. Our investment in advanced plant and machinery is matched by the quality of our workforce.

We are as proud of our workforce as we are of our investments. We endeavour to provide secure, well paid employment and believe totally that the future of Bisley can only be guaranteed by a combination of a dedicated workforce linked to modern technology.

We further contend that this can only be achieved by striving to create a center of manufacturing excellence which will match the best internationally. We will continue to invest into the future as we have in the past.

Everyone who works for Bisley is aware that we can only succeed with the full support and confidence of our customers and suppliers.

Policy documents

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Company Registration Details

Company name: F.C. Brown (Steel Equipment) Limited
Company Registered number: 693397
Registered Office Details: Caswell Way, Reevesland Industrial Estate,
Newport, South Wales NP19 4PW
Tel. +44(0)1633 637383 Fax. +44(0)1633 637384