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The Bisley plan file can be found in architecture and design studios across Europe as well as offices, museums and any environment where the storage of large format documents is required. Along with a touch of elegance, it offers complete protection for drawings, plans, samples and collections of various kinds. Available in either A0 or A1 size and made up of stackable five drawer sections for increased flexibility and ease of installation.

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Palette Two

  • Anthracite – aa3 Anthracite Light Texture 0% surcharge
  • Azure – bp5 Azure Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Black – av1 Black Textured 0% surcharge
  • Canary – bp9 Canary Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Cardinal Red – ay8 Cardinal Red Light Texture 0% surcharge
  • Chalk – ab9 Chalk Light Texture 10% surcharge
  • Coffee – av5 Coffee Textured 0% surcharge
  • Cream – av6 Cream Textured 0% surcharge
  • Fuchsia – be2 Fuchsia Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Goose Grey – av4 Goose Grey Textured 0% surcharge
  • Light Grey – av7 Light Grey RAL7035 Textured 0% surcharge
  • Mandarin – bq1 Mandarin Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Mimosa – bp8 Mimosa Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Oxford Blue – ay7 Oxford Blue Light Texture 0% surcharge
  • Silver – arn Silver Smooth 10% surcharge
  • Traffic White – ba5 Traffic White Light Texture 10% surcharge

Colour blocks are only approximations, please refer to Bisley metal colour samples for an exact representation.


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