Bisley Printed Front MultiDrawers - Uniquely Different

We are proud to introduce the Bisley MultiDrawer with printed drawer fronts

Range Details

The most iconic of all Bisley designs, the multidrawer's enduring appeal is about more than its quality of manufacture; its style and versatility of use make it uniquely at home in a variety of design settings and our customers take pride in making the multidrawers their own.

These additions to the range further enhance the tailored offering to our end-user.

In keeping with Bisley's commitment to precision manufacturing and design excellence, the multidrawer fronts are produced using a special dye sublimation process, which yields a highly durable finish and crisp, sharp colour reproduction.

We are offering the H125NL and H2910NL models initially; each printed-front design is laid within a traffic white carcase with a light textured paint finish.

In keeping with Bisley's commitment to customer service and attention to detail, the multidrawers will be delivered in special packaging to ensure product quality through to final delivery.

Printed front multidrawers are available on a 6-week lead time.