Publity AG

Eye-catching Archiving

In the course of expansion publity AG created new premises in Leipzig - the publity Centre - on the grounds of the former Exhibition site with offices and management premises as well as a training centre.

To meet the archiving requirements of the financial sector publity AG opted for the InnerSpace mobile shelving system after extensive project consultation with the project furnisher dasbüro GmbH in Jena.

Bisley InnerSpace mobile shelving provides the optimal solution for increasing archive capacity and using already limited space as efficiently as possible to contend with the large amount of documentation incurred on a daily basis.

Compared to conventional storage InnerSpace creates up to 100% more storage whilst at the same time saving 50% of floor space. Publity AG can now archive documents of over 2400 linear metres in 2 modular systems with an unloaded weight of over 15.6 Tons.  A particular eye catcher is the finish of the system in Bisley Light Red Orange.

Leipzig, Germany
Central archiving with maximum storage capacity
Mobile Shelving
Public Sector