Bisley InnerSpace™ mobile shelving is a high-density storage system designed specifically for the front office, releasing space where it’s needed most. Easy to specify, easy to install and easy to reconfigure, InnerSpace™ enables users to gain maximum storage capacity in the minimum floor space. InnerSpace™ mobile shelving is available in footprints to suit all types of office environments. Unit widths range from 800mm to 1200mm. Various heights are available and bays come in both single and double depths. It is possible to configure up to six units together at once without compromising on space or operation. A built-in anti-tilt mechanism between track and the mobile unit negates the need for permanent fixings of any kind, either to the walls or floors. Most mobile storage is installed using permanent fixings but InnerSpace™ can be lifted up and rebuilt anywhere else in the office, making it the most adaptable solution. Bisley has designed special software that enables us to specify the InnerSpace™ unit that meets your exact storage needs. CAD drawings help to visualise how a system will fit into your office plan and will ensure that the right solution, based on your choice of media for storage and the available floor space, is fitted. The bespoke service includes site survey, project management and installation by trained teams.

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InnerSpace mobile shelving UK

  • Black – av1 Black Textured 0% surcharge
  • Canary – bp9 Canary Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Chalk – ab9 Chalk 15% surcharge
  • Dijon – bq5 Dijon Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Alaska – ab6 Alaska Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Azure – bp5 Azure Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Fuchsia – be2 Fuchsia Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Garnet – bq3 Garnet Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Mandarin – bq1 Mandarin Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Mimosa – bp8 Mimosa Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Orient – bq2 Orient Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Parma – bp6 Parma Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Portland – ab8 Portland Light Texture 0% surcharge
  • Prussian – bp7 Prussian Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Regent – ag8 Regent Light Texture 0% surcharge
  • Seville – bq4 Seville 15% surcharge
  • Silver – arn Silver Smooth 10% surcharge
  • Slate – an9 Slate Light Texture 0% surcharge
  • Tickleweed – bq6 Tickleweed Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • Traffic White – ba5 Traffic White Light Texture 10% surcharge
  • Vanilla – ab5 Vanilla Light Texture 15% surcharge
  • York – ag9 York Light Texture 0% surcharge

Colour blocks are only approximations, please refer to Bisley metal colour samples for an exact representation.


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