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The practical solution for high density filing and archiving - contact us for a quote now

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Space Liberation with Bisley Mobile Shelving

InnerSpace™ maximises capacity where space is limited - find out how

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BBC in Colour

Storage has been brought to the fore at the BBC’s new premises at Salford Quays

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Mobile Shelving for the front office

Secure mobile storage for any office - read more here

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Practical Magic

Bisley Mobile Shelving can increase storage capacity by 100% - find out how

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Eye-catching Archiving

See how Bisley Mobile Shelving helped Publity AG

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Maximum storage space for London law firm

See how Bisley mobile shelving brought archive filing into the front office

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Featured projects

International Bank

The future of banking and technology has influenced change for this international bank. With bank teller counters now obsolete the bank was able to move to single floor premises suitable for client facing meetings full of natural... Find out more

Publity AG

In the course of expansion publity AG created new premises in Leipzig - the publity Centre - on the grounds of the former Exhibition site with offices and management premises as well as a training centre.To meet the archiving requirements of... Find out more

Allied Irish Bank

Allied Irish Bank (GB), a division of the AIB Group (UK) Plc provides retail and commercial banking services in over 47 locations throughout Great Britain, 31 of which are full branches with expansive client bases. Creed-Miles, the Surrey based... Find out more

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    For some time now, we have been hearing about the imminent death of the office. Yet the day of its demise never actually seems to come any closer, which explains why all of those reports that once presented a '2020' vision that incorporated a world devoid of workplaces have now set their eyes on more distant horizons as the actual year 2020 approaches.

  • Knowledge management in the agile working economy

    Mark Eltringham considers how the move to more flexible working practices must be balanced by the continuing needs of businesses to bring people, and their knowledge, together.

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    Grant Gibson discusses the continuing trend for the adoption of domestic elements in workplaces.